Prenatalgyn Review

What Is Prenatalgyn?

So you are looking for a prenatal vitamin? With so much information at your disposal, sometimes it is hard to decipher what to believe and what to trust.  When we found that Prenatalgyn is recommended by most physicians and OBGYNs we decided to not only take their word for it, but we found out why it was considered the best pregnancy vitamin out there. Prenatalgyn is a perfect blend of vitamins and minerals with an added probiotic blend to give women all the essentials they need for a healthy lifestyle and pregnancy.

  • Contains 100- 1000% of the recommended daily amounts of  22 Vitamins and Minerals.prenatalgynsmall
  • Contains patented forms of Zinc and Chromium
  • Contains 14 Probiotics to help ease uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms
  • Relieves  constipation
  • Relieves morning sickness, and nausea.
  • May improve baby’s brain and eye function
  • May Improve baby’s digestion
  • May decrease the chances of child obesity
  • Helps regain pre-baby figure for mothers
  • Affordable
  • No prescription required
  • Money Back Guarantee

With a little research we found that the top three complaints women had against prenatal vitamins were:

  • They are huge/hard to swallow
  • They taste bad
  • They make me nauseous/sick

One serving of Prenatalgyn is six capsules. However, the pills are so small and tasteless that it did not seem to pose a problem for any women to swallow.

Prenatalgyn is worth your money. One bottle will take you through the month, but the most important fact is that Prenatalgyn contains more Folic Acid, Calcium and Iron (the 3 most important ones) than the leading prenatal vitamins.

Prenatalgyn uses all natural and quality ingredients. Those generic products that you buy at the drug store might cut it when it comes to your health, but what about the health of your baby? With no FDA regulations on pregnancy vitamins you should feel a little skeptical about those products that have artificial colors, flavors, and a long list of no-one-can-pronounce-you chemicals. Prenatalgyn strays far away from that model and only contains natural ingredients.

Prenatalgyn includes an amazing probiotic blend 40 times stronger than any other prenatal vitamin. The probiotic blend is to help relieve nausea, sickness, and help with digestion. Most pregnancy vitamins actually make you feel sick. Prenatalgyn contains ingredients to prevent sickness from even occurring. Probiotics aid in issues that commonly arise during pregnancy including but not limited to: constipation, colitis, hemorrhoid, diarrhea, indigestion, and IBS. Probiotics can also help ensure a healthy delivery and improve the health of your baby’s immune and digestive systems. In fact, a new study in February of this year said taking probiotics during pregnancy may lead to less diabetes during pregnangy and reduce the risk of obesity later in a baby’s life.

Also, a big trophy to probiotics is that they may help you lose all that baby fat after you deliver. Finnish scientists reported last year at the European Congress on Obesity that probiotic supplements during the first trimester of pregnancy may help women lose weight after the infant’s birth.

Supplements containing Lactobacillus LGG (provided by Valio) and Bifidobacterium lactis (provided by Chr Hansen) were associated with less central obesity, defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more or a waist circumference over 80 centimetres.

“The results of our study, the first to demonstrate the impact of probiotics-supplemented dietary counselling on adiposity, were encouraging,” said researcher Kirsi Laitinen from the University of Turku in Finland. “The women who got the probiotics fared best. One year after childbirth, they had the lowest levels of central obesity as well as the lowest body fat percentage.”

To Prenatalgyn Or To Not…

Even if you are working hard to eat healthy and exercise, you could have nutritional gaps in your diet. You want the best for your child, why not start in the womb?

Babies whose mothers supplement with 1Billion CFU of Probiotics while pregnant have a 46% less chance of developing eczema which effects tens of thousands of babies every year.”

Taking a pregnancy vitamin like Prenatalgyn will ensure you are not lacking key vitamins and nutrients that are essential to your health and the healthy development of your child and will help you keep that healthy lifestyle for you and your baby that you have been looking for!

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